Youth is not beauty

Youth is not beauty and beauty is not youth The meaning of the word usury is different from the word youth, and we must change our awareness. In this article, I have summarized the things that I have confidence in and the effects of which I have either experienced or seen closely. I hope it is useful for your knowledge and if you know other solutions, please let us know. Getting younger and staying young is a healthy lifestyle. We can prolong our life with the least mistakes in our choices, and the more complicated and strange our lifestyle becomes, the longer our life will face more risks.

A small example about longer life that we all know is that people 2 or 3 generations before us had an average life expectancy longer than us, and if they had the medical facilities they have now, their average life expectancy would be much longer. We know that using a car pollutes the air, and that polluted air causes illness and shortens life, but if we could, we would even go to the bathroom by car. We know that smoking is harmful, but we smoke. We know that fast foods cause negative effects in the digestive system and harm our body. But we outdo each other to find and introduce restaurants

 We know what time it is to wake up and sleep in 24 hours, but we are awake at night and yawn during the day. We know what alcohol and drugs do to our bodies and minds, but we're looking for products like this that have a higher dose. We know that taking more pills is not necessary, but in order to fall asleep quickly, we eat pills like candy. We know that driving at high speed leads to the possibility of accidents and injury and even death, but we like to move at high speed. And car manufacturers also

We know that we will not live for a thousand years, but we will accumulate money for two thousand years. Usually, people who only think about income and money have a lot of mental pressure, and these nervous pressures cause damage to the body's system and central core, but Again, we do not comply. We know that money should be available, but we have money. We know many things which are harmful for us and which are harmless for us. We know but we do not believe in what we know. We don't even accept ourselves

Most people spend a lot of time in their lives to know what things are useful for increasing life span and what things make human life shorter, and in parties or conferences, like philosophers, they say this knowledge and with this sentence They brag and pose. Unaware that every day۶ a large number of these model philosophers with all this knowledge die and go underground, without any change happening in the world. The sun of tomorrow and other tomorrows will rise and set whether we are or not. So it is better to use and apply what we know, before it is too late. Soon I will let you know a lot of

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