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The fact that we humans live on the planet does not need to be explained or proven. Humans have been living on this planet for thousands of years and using its unique blessings and facilities. A subject that is of special importance and we hear and read more about it every day in the last few decades and it has even become a part of the news of the world's news agencies; environmental protection. It can almost be said that from 6 or 7 decades ago until now, humans have caused more damage to the planet than they have in a few thousand years of life, and in fact, they are destroying and harming their living environment. This text is an introduction to dealing with the category of protection from our living environment, which we call environmental protection.

In this text, we want to talk about protecting the environment while traveling to nature. We all know that travel is a pleasant part of life, the importance of which cannot be ignored in life. We travel for various reasons throughout our lives. Today, on this site, we want to deal with out-of-town trips and nature trips. In order to protect the environment, we can do some very simple things in nature trips, so as not to harm the nature; Rather, let's strengthen and continue the freshness of the area we travel to.

Please, dear ones, at the end and after reading this text, help the goals of environmental protection with your comments and suggestions. In the following, we provide solutions to replace renewable materials instead of using materials such as plastic, which have been widely and fully considered in all scientific conferences and articles related to the environment. But until now, the important issue of businesses related to the production of plastic and materials that take hundreds of years to decompose and return to the cycle of a healthy and green ecosystem has not been explained and no solution has been provided

The plastic production industry is a multi-hundred billion dollar industry and should not be ignored. Many people in the world work in this industry. From very large manufacturing companies, buying and selling companies, transportation industry, etc., to people who produce plastics in a small workshop, who put their goods in those plastics in small shops and give them to me and you give Our suggestion is that slowly and little by little this amount of financial capital and human capital (HR) should be transferred to alternative industries. For example, a factory that produces all kinds of plastic bags should use primary materials that can be quickly decomposed in nature. (These materials are currently available in the market

Or use cotton and cotton bags. Of course, we all know that these types of materials are several times more expensive than plastic, but we must not forget that nothing is more expensive and valuable than the health of humans and other creatures. At the same time, we have the ability to produce all kinds of cotton, linen, and other materials that do not harm the planet's ecosystem. Contact to negotiate and order the production of these types of bags and packaging.

:Our suggestions

 Use cotton bags that are made of natural materials such as cotton, linen, etc., and put the goods we bought in reusable cotton bags instead of plastic bags. Using cotton bags for shopping helps nature a lot. Because plastic bags take hundreds of years to completely decompose in nature and return to the natural cycle of the ecosystem.

 If we have plastic bags from previous purchases, we can use the same plastic bags as before to reduce the number of plastic bags in nature.

If we have plastic bags or any kind of garbage, after leaving the place of residence in the nature, collect the garbage completely and do not leave the garbage in the nature and make sure to bring the garbage to the garbage recycling cycle

One of the most important things to do in nature picnics; Separation of waste. It means to collect dry waste from wet waste in 2 separate bags.

It is better to use local foods to travel in the very diverse nature of Iran. Because we get to know local foods and new tastes and we have made our travel luggage lighter and smaller. which is much easier to move and carry. One of the important points that is the result of using local foods is that we help the local economy there, which ultimately makes the tourism industry of Iran or any other country flourish

As far as possible, avoid washing your things with chemicals in nature. Because detergents and cleaners leave a destructive effect on nature. and wash dishes and tools at home or in centers where the sewage and water mixed with chemical detergents and pollution after washing are directed to the city's sewage treatment systems and after various stages in this Centers, a large part of dirty and polluted water can be used again for

We should dig a small pit for our natural waste, such as the shell of seeds and nuts, or the remains of watermelons and melons, or tea and coffee grounds, because they are decomposed in nature, and then the waste and garbage Put those that decompose in nature into that hole and cover it completely with soil. This work makes the appearance of nature not ugly and also makes these materials become fertilizer and enrich the soil there. Another advantage of this work is that we do not carry a lot of garbage with us. We at Saudama site will be very happy if you share your experience of how to make better use of nature with us. So that others will be aware of your good experiences

Because we humans need organic life

We will be very happy if you share with us your experience of how to make better use of nature. So that others will be aware of your good experiences. Hoping for a day when we have completely healthy and refreshing nature and preserve it for future generations. Thanks a lot Saidama is our trust

Hoping for a day when we can completely love nature and the global ecosystem and reconcile  with it

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