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We see a lot of people talking about lifestyle. And they provide articles, solutions, plans, etc about it

Lifestyle these days is one of the most used terms of doctors, psychologists, and coaches and motivational speakers for success and achieving long-term goals and victory in personal life and gaining a superior social position. As technology becomes more advanced, all types of lifestyles are investigated and researched in more specialized ways using more advanced technologies. A large percentage of doctors associate the origin of most diseases with an unhealthy lifestyle

Coaches and professors who are active in the field of success and motivating others to live a dream life, emphasize on lifestyle change and reconsider lifestyle change as a very important principle to be more adaptable to the environment around a person. they know. Because if the person's current lifestyle had a good result, there would be no need to raise their need to have another way and method and style of life, the result of which would be to have a healthy lifestyle

Of course, these days the word lifestyle is the center of attention in most scientific circles and centers that research and explore the field of sociology and psychology. Nowadays, you can even see conversations and traces about lifestyle in friendly groups or in student or family groups. Even if it is not mentioned directly.

 For example, a conversation between friends about new methods in business and increasing income; It is part of a healthy lifestyle, which we will discuss further

?What is lifestyle
In this article, we mention the lifestyle and its types in the form of main and general lists and briefly explain. And as always, we will be very happy if you share your comments and suggestions about the lifestyle with us

Scientist Alfred Adler believes; A person's lifestyle is formed in the mind until the age of five. Man has created an image of himself and the ideal environment in his mind, and in most cases, using the trial and error method (experiment), he has designed one or more ways to make a decision, and finally, based on the experiences and knowledge gained at different stages of life. receives, creates a lifestyle that is almost unique to him and communicates with the world around him

This process is always evolving and regardless of whether its results are positive or negative from the perspective of others. The amount of healthy lifestyle is related to the amount of quality of all dimensions of identity and existence of each person

According to different definitions of lifestyle; Briefly : Lifestyle is different ways and methods of individual and social life and specifying the method of designing a road map (plan) for people's lives. which can affect 2 factors why and how a person behaves or interacts with the world around him. And it is a set of attitudes, speech, behavioral habits, personality, social position, obligations and feelings of each person

Lifestyle affects everything and vice versa. That is, as the lifestyle depends on different things such as: thinking and attitude to different things, our speech and behavior, setting values, type of taste, type of nutrition, type of job, way of dressing and fashion, choice of means of living, choice of friend, choice of place to live. , choosing a job, choosing a life partner, deciding to start a family and have children, and many other things related to how a person lives, includes the inseparable components and the importance of how each person is or is not (Shakespeare). States ; Likewise, all these things can play an important role and be influential in making people's lifestyles

A variety of strategies, tactics, techniques and ways of life in a professional professional environment or the role of all of these in everyday life are like the links of a chain that are all connected and all these chains are part of a larger interwoven chain, the same It is a lifestyle. It means the routine of the things you do during the day, including behavioral habits such as bedtime, going to bed with the help of sleeping pills or going to bed naturally and in harmony with the biological clock and waking up, morning exercise, type of shopping Daily routines, type of diet, services you use, hairstyles and many other things are also related to lifestyle

As a result, if each of our thoughts, words and behaviors are a link in a chain; If we can make that ring in the best way, that means we have made a golden ring, and if we continue to make the next rings in the same way, then we have made a chain in which all the rings are golden and we We have a gold chain and this means the same healthy and golden lifestyle. This golden chain has a high value in society and the most important thing is that having this golden chain (healthy lifestyle) gives us the feeling of happiness, happiness and peace

So far we have realized that our lifestyle has an external effect. That is, they see us in society. (Of course, this should not be confused with other people's judgments about us. The judgment of others about us is another topic that we will explain about in other articles.)

Lifestyle is formed by the idea and belief you have about life. You say that I value the education of my children, I respect my parents, I don't lie, I obey traffic laws, I'm civil and I don't throw garbage out of the car window, I obey the rules of apartment living. I observe, I am not disturbing anyone in the society and... you say these things in your tongue, but others should see it in your outer life, to what extent the output of your behavior matches your claims

The way and lifestyle of each of us can be seen and understood by other people. If someone says that I love the environment and healthy environment, the amount of his love cannot be seen in his brain, and there is no scale to determine the weight of this love. And this love for a healthy environment should be seen in that person's behavior by others

Lifestyle specifications: Lifestyle is not a beautiful showcase. A healthy lifestyle is a heart and logical belief. A healthy lifestyle is lively and hopeful. All for the individual and for other members of society. A healthy lifestyle makes; Let's turn the problems and obstacles of life into problems and then find solutions for the problems

At the beginning of the article, it was mentioned that each person has his own unique lifestyle. Of course, it is not meant to divide society into 2 groups. In such a way that one group of people have a healthy lifestyle and another group does not have a healthy lifestyle. Rather, it can be said that there are as many people on the planet as there are healthy but unique lifestyles. Newton proved the law of relativity. Therefore, we can evaluate the healthy lifestyle of each person relatively better or relatively worse than the other person or people in the society

The lifestyle of adults is an almost fixed way of life and its principles cannot be changed in the mind and personality of a person. As much as it is possible to predict people's behavior with a high percentage. For example: if a person is not satisfied with every house he lives in, even if he moves to 10 houses, he still has the ability to take some problems from the tenth house. Actions and behaviors like this show an unhealthy lifestyle. And these behaviors show that this group of people do not know what they like and what goal or goals they are looking for in their lives. The only thing they know is that; They know what they don't want, but they don't know what they want

In other words, their duty is not known to you. And they always look for a lost person who does not have the characteristics of what they want. Conclusion : Something that almost all humans try to get; Happiness is a good feeling and peace. And these good goals are only by observing and doing things that contribute to building a healthy lifestyle. Factors and factors that are important in acquiring a healthy ringing style are

Accepting logical change • Laying the foundation for designing, implementing and controlling a unique healthy lifestyle plan and roadmap for ourselves • Changing the target selection criteria • Rational and achievable goals based on existing potentials • Correct and principled design, compilation and planning to achieve step goals and finally reach the main goals (healthy lifestyle) • To achieve the goals that have been designed; Focusing and avoiding marginal tasks that waste energy and time and have no success • Controlling and monitoring the implementation of the designed programs Avoiding stress and mental pressure through meditation and natural and organic rest (without using chemical drugs)

 Exercising and increasing blood flow for cardiovascular health and increasing blood oxygen levels • Improving the quality of sleep and proper nutrition to increase the efficiency of brain activities • Pursue dreams and desires. Under no circumstances should we stop trying to implement the designed programs that will bring us step by step to our goals • Writing and saying positive affirmations using the writings of scientists and professors • Free use of the experiences of successful people

Prevention of diseases using very simple methods • The rise of information and the high use of virtual space, which is a very good and accessible source for increasing awareness and knowledge, with good features such as high speed and low cost. • Learning other languages such as English, which is an international language. • Not bothering, disturbing and not harming others to achieve healthy lifestyle goals • Intelligent and rational choice of interests and values • Designing and doing smart activities to earn money Allocation of a part of our income for teaching and learning the knowledge and sciences that we are interested in and we are sure that learning these sciences will help us become experts in a field and in a work and scientific field. • The type and level of family culture in addition to the level of family literacy

Membership in social, scientific, sports, student groups, associations, etc. • Spending healthy leisure time. Like the cinema, watching informative films • Nature tours and trips that have several goals in line with a healthy lifestyle. Enjoying the travel route, traveling to historical areas, traveling to the sea shores, which is both relaxing and you can exercise, relax away from the worries of big cities, and experience quality sleep. • Increased ability to communicate with others • Participating in conferences and capacity building courses in various fields of work expertise personal life and....another 

For each of the above, we have dedicated an article, and we will post one of them on the site for you every 72 hours. You can consider and examine your personal and social life from different angles according to the above. Are you satisfied with your place of residence, with the color and style of your clothes, with your field of study and level of studies, with your job, with your choice of friends, with your car, etc.? do you feel happy How motivated and hopeful are you to achieve your goals and achieve your dreams? If the number of your negative answers is high, you should definitely review the important criteria of your lifestyle and seek to change, formulate and design a logical and correct healthy lifestyle roadmap for yourself

  Our trust , Saydama